Experience & Services


I have ten years’ experience in the field of professional translation.

My experience as a professional translator and editor began with a stint working in-house for a translation agency in Turin, Italy, in 2008-2009.

Since then, I have completed scores of translation projects on a freelance basis, working with a range of clients based in the UK, France, and Italy, on a diverse array of topics.

I also have several years’ experience teaching literary and journalistic translation (from French and Italian into English) at university level.

A few examples of projects I have worked on recently:

  • Academic papers

    on psychoanalysis, archaeology, and twentieth-century French and Italian literature;

  • A sample book chapter

    on Antonio Gramsci

  • A research grant proposal concerning a new method

    for analysing manuscripts (in the field of Italian literature);

  • A short book

    containing risotto recipes.

  • Academic books

    on archaeology, construction history, and twentieth-century Italian history.


I also have extensive experience in the field of professional editing.

Having started out by working as an in-house reviewer for a professional editing company based in Oxford, England, I have now completed numerous editing projects for clients in both the academic and business fields.

My primary areas of specialisation in this sphere are: doctoral theses, chapters for academic books, conference papers, journal articles, reports, and business proposals.

Recent editing projects have included:

  • A doctoral thesis on photography;
  • A doctoral thesis on female musicians in nineteenth-century literature
  • An article on gender activism in contemporary Italy;
  • An academic article on twentieth-century Italian literature;
  • A master’s dissertation on Food Education in Taiwan